Medical Flights

FMS is the air ambulance provider for private medical organizations and the government of Botswana: flying patients in a critical state from any one of Botswana's smaller hospitals to a more well-equipped hospital in Francistown, Gaborone, or even Johannesburg. Although FMS has been providing air ambulance support since 1980, it was in 2007 that Botswana's Ministry of Health awarded FMS with the exclusive contract for this service.

With the start of this contract, FMS has a fully medically equipped King Air C90 with fixed stretcher berth to provide better care for the patients. FMS partners with a local paramedic service, Rescue One, to have qualified paramedics on board for each air ambulance flight, ensuring proper patient care and treatment. FMS and Rescue One are, in most cases, taxiing for takeoff within 45 minutes of receiving the request for the medivac.

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Before the evacuation the medical team provides a detailed pre-flight assessment to ensure the patient is fit to travel. FMS strives to provide a smooth passage for patients in any emergency situation. Whenever possible, we allow accompanying family members.

Our air ambulance flights serve peripheral hospitals like Tsabong, Hukuntsi, Ghanzi, Kasane, Gumare, Gweta, and Maun.

Our founder Dr. Malcolm McArthur came to Botswana to do medical work in 1968 and had the vision to use aircraft to make this work more effective and efficient. Time is crucial when transporting a critically ill or injured patient. Many patients have been saved because aircraft were used to transport them in an hour and 20 minutes instead of an 8-hour drive. The air ambulance service offers a hope of healing for the critically ill in remote areas.

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